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Mom of the Year Contest

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Mothers! They do so much for us! Caring for us when sick, making sure we have a little extra cash for special times, packing our lunches for school and giving us advice when we need as adults. Now it is your turn to give back. Better Made Snack Foods is voting " Mom of the Year"!

The Mom of the winning entry will receive a delicious Better Made sampler gift box!

All submissions will be posted on the Better Made website. The winner will be chosen on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 11th.

Enter Your Mother

2013 Mom of the Year Winner - Collette Mangold

Regardless of whether my wife, Collette Mangold, wins Better Made’s Mother of the Year contest, she will always hold that title in our family. She continues to be a wonderful mother of two college-age boys, (Ian, 21 and Kyle, 18), the Accounting Manager/Controller for one of this state’s most progressive health insurance companies, and a splendid spouse and partner for almost a quarter of a century.

Educational concerns have always been of primary concern in the Mangold family and Collette, a Michigan State grad, remains very active in making sure that both boys get the most out of their school experience. When Ian received the first-ever hockey scholarship awarded from a Tennessee college or university, (Bethel University, ’10), it was Collette that made sure that the school’s academics were compatible with her son’s goals… and made sure that the Athletic Director knew of our priorities! After transferring high schools to take advantage of an International Baccalaureate program, Kyle made the decision to attend Aquinas College upon graduation – a choice that Mom heartily endorsed.

Collette has been heavily involved with both of our sons many activities, serving as defacto ‘team Mom’ for their sports teams more times than I can count. With both boys involved in travel sports, many of our weekends were spent on-the-road, with Collette behind the wheel as I completed both Master’s degree – and later Doctoral coursework in the passenger seat. She never complained about early morning drives to the rink, late night practices at the soccer field, or the latest fundraiser suggested by beleaguered coaches.

Whether our work took us to Nevada, Northern California, or most recently to Middle Tennessee, Collette has always called southeastern Michigan home. We come back to visit as often as our schedules allow – and none of those trips are complete without a trip down Gratiot to see the Better Made facility and stock-up on many of our favorite snacks.

Personally, the boys and I think that Collette would be a perfect choice for your 4th Annual Mother of the Year contest. Then again, we’re extremely biased. Thanks for your consideration, and best wishes to all Better Made Moms everywhere!

Kevin Mangold, Ed D

Contest Entries

First I would like to Thank Bettermade for all there hard work and dedication to all of us through the years.My mother is a wonderful person just like everyones mother is.My mother(Doris) grew up in Detroit not far from your factory. She use to go there on Fridays and eat the warm chips that were burnt on the line it was a special treat. My mother is going to be 80 years old June 16. When my sisters and I were in elementary on Wednesday we could buy a bag of chips for a nickle it was the best. Are whole family has grown up with Bettermade our whole life.

I cant amagine what it would be like without them. In the past you have had all new variety keep up the good work so we keep buying them. My mom is truely the best mom to be picked for your contest. I realize everyone feels that way and there can only be one winner. Deep in my heart my mother is the winner . She is not just winner of the year to me shes the winner of the life time.Love you Mom and thank you for who I am today.From our family to yours.

Anthony White

I would love to Nominate my Mother for the MoM of the year contest, She is the most caring good hearted person I know, she has always given me the best advice, growing up I have nothing but amazing childhood memories, I have learned so much for her. She has a ♥ of gold. Her smile lights up any room and she always brings out the positive in any and all circumstances, no matter what life throws at her.

My mom is a strong woman who helps others and has made me the person I am today, I cant thank her enough for all she does for our family. Times have been hard, but no matter what she comes through much stronger than before and I would really like to recognize her for everything she has done and will continue to do for not only my Dad,me and our family, but friends and strangers alike ♥

She never ever turns her back on anyone in need, and that to me is real Love ♥

Thank you
Kelly Nahra

I love my mom because she has always been there for me and is so strong.The past 11 years she has acted as both a mother to her 4 daughters, as well as a caretaker and nurse for her own mother and oldest daughter. Eleven years ago my grandma was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer disease and had to live with us for 5 years. My mom had to change her diapers and take care of her every need that whole time. the hardest part for her was when my grandma didn't even remember that she had a daughter due to the memory loss. When my grandma died my mom had no break from acting as a caretaker, as my oldest sister moved back into the house because she had developed stage 4 colon cancer.

Once again she had to play nurse for my sister until my sister passed away in late March of this year. Now she also acts as my nephews mother, since his mom passed away. My mom has also had to deal with the stress of having a husband who doesn't like to admit that he may need to see a doctor, as well as has had blood clots and multiple serious surgeries the past 4 years.

On top of all this stress my mom continues to be very active in my younger sister and I's live. She serves as Girls service Unit Cookie Manager which means she is responsible for the Girl Scout cookie orders of over 60 troops in my service unit. In addition she has helped me sell over 15000 boxes of girl Scout cookies in my time scouting and had supported me in my crazy endeavor to be our council's top cookie seller every year. My mom also ran the annual wreath sale at my school and her leadership resulted in the most productive wreath sales in school history.

This is why I love my mom because she is so strong and sets such a good example for her daughters. She loves me unconditionally and I know she will always be there for me. She really is "World's Best Mom".

Thank you for this opportunity,
Meghan Devine

I am no different than any other Mother. I have 2 children – soon to be 7 year old son and soon to be 2 year old daughter. I also have a 15 year old step son. Life is busy, my husband and I work full time jobs plus some. My son is active with St. Margarets Faith Formation classes and PKSA – Karate. My daughter, well she's almost 2 so she controls the house. We go on nightly walks after dinner as a family whenever we can. I participate as much as I can with my son's elementary school.

Every generation of parents (in my family) participate more with their children, and I am no exception. I've played my fair share of play doh, cars, trucks, made Halloween costumes, dirt tracks – anything you can think of. I now get to experience some of the more feminine sides with my daughter. I love my life, although now perfect, it's my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

I had ordered some chips for my cousin who used to live in Detroit and moved out to Las Vegas a few months ago and since then I get your emails. Saw this one for the free chips for the Mother's Day present and figured I'd send in something short.

Well I have to get back to work – I'd love to win! I've attached a picture of my son at PKSA Karate breaking his first board!

Thanks for your consideration.
Jennifer Shepherd

We would like to nominate our Mother, Edna Mae Karpinski, for the Better Made Mom of the Year Contest. Simply stated, she is the best as they come!

Our Mother is very giving, caring, unselfish and nurturing. She would do anything for someone who needed help. She is the Mother of us four daughters; Karen, Carol, Susan and Sharon. She is also the Grandmother of eight grandchildren; Jackie, Michael, Cassie, Kayla, Samantha, Daniel, Matthew and Chelsea. Family gatherings can be hectic, yet are enjoyed by all.

One of our most favorite memories growing up is Halloween. As a tradition, Mom always made hot dogs and chili for dinner. This meal was served only one time a year since our Father does not care for hot dogs. Along with the hot dog dinner, we had Better Made potato chips. We had these because every year, our Mother would go down to the warehouse and purchase a case or two of the individual bags to pass out to the trick-or-treating kids at Halloween. This was a tradition for us because our Mother enjoys eating Better Made potato chips! She was always fond of the individual bags because she lacks the self-discipline to stop eating them when out of a large bag.

Over the years, many of our friends and acquaintances have commented what a nice Mother we have. We do not hesitate to agree with them and realize how lucky we are to have such a wonderful Mother. She treats many of our friends as if they were her own children.

Our mother is also a great role model. She volunteered a lot of her time to community schools, Girl Scout organization, our cities beautification committee, and helped political candidates get elected. She also gave her time to us during difficult family times including cancer and divorce.

We think it would be an honor if you chose our Mother for the Better Made Mom of the Year Contest winner. Not only because she is a wonderful person, but because she is one of your most loyal customers! In her eyes, there is no other potato chip than Better Made!

Thank you for considering our nomination.

- Karen, Carol, Susan and Sharon

I would love to nominate my mom for this award. She has always given of herself, expecting nothing in return. The road to motherhood has not been easy for her and that is what makes her shine and been a true inspiration to me as I journey through motherhood. She was pregnant with her first child at 17 and has been raising children since before then, starting with her sister.

Her father passed away when she was 8 and she helped raise her younger sister through her own childhood. When she was pregnant with her 3rd child, me, she lost her husband at 6 months pregnant and with 2 older children. Through it all, she has endured and done anything necessary to provide for her family. She married again 4 years later and helped in raising 3 more children who were not her's, but loved them as if they were.

She was always active in our schools, volunteering in the lunchroom, on the playground, in the office, and on the PTA. There is never a time I can remember that she was not there for me, either physically or in spirit. I was not an easy child, yet she never gave up on me and because of that, I have grown to be the person I am today.

She cares about her community and everyone in it. Like I said before, she will give everything to everyone and sometimes forget to give to herself. She epitomizes unselfishness and endless love. Her sacrifices all her life are what make her an amazing woman, mom, wife and friend. I truly have the greatest mom in the world!

Shaunna Risinger

I would like to nominate my mother, Terrie Carter for the Mom of the Year. My mother has done so much for us (my siblings and me) that she does not do much for herself. She is a stay at home mom. My mother home school my brother and me, take care of my little sister, drive my older sister to and from school and drive us to all our sporting events, while helping my father work on their two businesses. She sits at the computer daily working on their businesses or schooling us. When she not working, she cooking, maintaining the house or driving us to events. It's a lot that she does. Even though she barely take time out for herself, she does not complain. She does not ask for outside help from extended family members.

My mother was born and raise in Detroit. Now we are residing elsewhere. When we visit Detroit, she has to get over twenty bags of Better Made chips barely sharing with us. On her birthday and/or Christmas, we ask our Auntie to send her chips. When she receive them, it's like she received a priceless gift. Those are the reasons why, I would like to nominate my mother, Terrie as the Mom of the Year!


I am writing about myself only because my son's friends already nominated this as the year's "cutest thing".

My son is a beautiful soul, 27 year old, an environmentalist, vegan, senior city coordinator for Green Peace, moving around the country and motivating people for generous causes. But this not about him - just wanted you to know why I love him so. It was one evening in February when he called me, he could barely speak on the phone and told me that he had the flu. I asked if I should come over - he said, "I'll let you know tomorrow now I can't talk... I must get to bed..."

He was in San Jose, CA, I was in San Marcos, CA - over 460 miles distance, over 7 hours drive one way... My beloved car is a 1992 Mercedes Benz, but it still runs beautifully... And my son never complained before, never sounded so weak... I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. Images of people dying of this flu, him coughing until could not breath anymore, no one around to get him some medication, a cup of tea...I got up at 2 am, packed some stuff, got in my car and went to my son.

Here is what followed, copied from his Facebook:
Told my mom last night that i was coming down with the flu. she appears at my house this morning having driven 7 hours from san diego and brings food, medicine, spends all day cleaning my house and doing my laundry. love you, mom. #independent man

Ronique Nilson

I know everyone claims, "my mom is the best," but really MY mom actually is the best. I cannot even begin to list all the things she does for me. For starters, I've been struggling with some health issues this past year, and being away at school (in East Lansing), my mom would make the 2 hour commute to school just to come and drive me another hour and a half to my doctor appointments! She immigrated from Macedonia years ago and has become a successful business owner over the years through hard work and determination; I'm so proud of her! Not only is she a mom to my older brother and me, but any of our friends who come to visit call her, "momma," "momma G," or even "mom," because of all the love she has shared with everyone!

Submission by: Maria Swetech
My Mom: Grozda Swetech
Clinton Township, MI

Mama, I will always love you- I have no choice
When all others denounced me me you raised your voice
In prayer to God, that I may live a drug free life
But it seemed your answers were only pain and strife
I've seen you cry, I was the source of your tears
I went from bad to worse in seventeen nightmare filled years
You cried out in despair, "Lord what more can I give---
"What must I do that my son might live?
God answered and said, "You've done enough now let him go
Just stay on your knees and your faith will grow."
Now His light shines in my heart once again
You never stopped praying 'ma' – I'm no longer a slave to sin
Your name, Ruth, is synonymous with love!
A love that strong is God's gift from above
You are precious and rare, beautiful and unique
What I once took for granted, I now fight to keep
You are a strong woman, overflowing with God's Grace
A model for all mothers-a credit to the human race
I praise God and I thank Him for you everyday
For all my life you have shown me the way:
How to be strong and honest also humble and kind—
And to put God first in my heart, my soul and my mind
So I write these words to say, "I'm sorry for all I've done"
You never turned away – you didn't reject me as your son
Mama your story is kept, in God's Record Book!
Written in the Book of Life, so that He may look;
At the life of a woman, who gave birth to a child
At the life of a warrior, who resisted temptation's guile
Mama, I applaud you, you taught me to be a man
You did not quit, you said in God I will stand
I thank God, that I'm drug-free today!
And this sums up what I', trying to say
If I could choose who would be my mother
I could look nowhere else…..I would choose you and none other

Loester Currie

We are nominating our Mom, Kristine Walsh, for Mother of the Year! We know we have the best Mom in the world even though we sometimes get punished and in trouble. She has to set limits for us so we learn what is right from wrong.

Our mother is our soccer coach. She has coached our soccer teams since we were 3 years old. Even after I bit a girl playing goalie once, Mom kept taking me and coaching. I know she was embarrassed. My sister and I are on two different teams now and Mom coaches both. She even coached indoor teams for us in the winter.

Mom teaches us every day that staying active and playing sports is important. She plays adult women’s soccer, she has her own kickball team and just retired from roller derby. She takes us to all her games too except the adult soccer because those are too late for us to stay up. She always takes us to play tennis, to the track to run, bike riding, swimming and to play horseshoes.

Our Mother works at her office every day too but comes home when we get out of school so she is home with us. She makes us dinner every day and then finds the time to volunteer. Mom has volunteered for Habitat For Humanity, cleaning up the roads, Macomb Community College, Turning Pointe and lots of other places that we don’t know the names for. Mom donates her blood. She always gives her change to the people collecting in the middle of the road. She even made my sister and I volunteer this Easter at the egg hunt.

Mom sleeps with us when we are sick even though Dad gets mad. She comes home early from work when we are sick. She brings us stuff to school when we forget it at home. She leaves work for us even though that means she loses money. We appreciate our Mom so much.

Mom has taken us to so many concerts. She has waited in line for hours to get me Justin Bieber tickets and to win Taylor Swift tickets. She has sat in the parent room during concerts so my sister and I could both go. I know she was bored there but she does it because she loves us.

We love our Mom and hope she wins Mom of the Year. She deserves to win. We could write more reasons why she is the greatest Mom in the world but we want to email this before she sees it. Our Mom is our hero.

Thank you,
Cassidy and Jenny

I know there isn't a perfect mother. We all make mistakes. That is real life. It would be nice if we could be perfect. I would like to honor my daughter, Carrie, for Mother's Day. She raised my granddaughter, Brianna, on her own while working and going to college. She was married over a year and a half ago and her new husband, Bill, had no children. Carrie gave birth in January to my grandson, Camren. My daughter had an emergency c-section and my grandson was transferred to the NICU at Henry Ford Hospital. She didn't even have a chance to hold him. Camren had two blood transfusions, was jaundiced and had to have two platelets given. His liver and spleen were not functioning and he was put on phenobarbital.

My daughter was discharged a few days later and spent all day by his side. Camren came home after twelve days. He had to be readmitted for another blood transfusion after two weeks. He is still having some other complications now. Carrie was so strong and compassionate. I saw her as a "Mom" instead of just my daughter. I commend her for all she had to endure and making sure she was abreast of everything going on at the hospital. When she was home, she spent all her time with Brianna. My daughter has grown into what I would call a "Mother." She isn't perfect, but I love her for being herself.


My daughter "Chelsea" is special and should be Mother of the Year because, my grand-daughter was born to her at the age of 16, which was the same day my mother died. She has always been respectful of her teachers and her family. She always loved to go to school and always got good grades. As she got older she had a friend she used to watch play football and eventually she ended up pregnant. I always told her, "You do these things when you are married." Her father and I have been together for 28 years. With dad being "Italian' things were very stressful in the "Petrilli" house. The only option chosen by Chelsea was for her to have the baby.

Savayah Faith was born healthy and is always happy. She was born on December 26, the exact same day my mother died of kidney cancer, 10 years ago. Savayah is truly an angel from heaven and to this day she points at "Mias", my mom, like she met her. A big thank you to Anna Jarui for creating the Mother's Day Holiday. God Bless You. Some how we are all connected to our moms. I forever truly believe the only good thing of my 16 year old getting pregnant, whatever reason at a young age, was meant by my mom in heaven.

Michelle Petrilli (Mom of Chelsea)

I would love to nominate my late mother as best mother of the year because I never had so many reasons to appreciate a mother's love but after getting pregnant and gave birth to my son I realized that had got a thousand reasons to appreciate my mother…. Dear Mum, I never had so many reasons to appreciate your love but the moment I got pregnant, I started to imagine what you went through to bring me in this world… Loosing appetite, Vomiting, Spitting all the time, hating people, friends, relatives even your husband or the father of your baby for no good reason plus many things unsaid.

May is the month you brought me in this world and I will always remember you on a Mother's day. Even though you are not here with me but I will always celebrate your love coz now I have a thousand reasons to celebrate your love… Your love is so pure and true… May Your Soul Rest in Peace…

Mukasa Agnes Flavia

My letter for Mom
This year we should pay tribute to a special person in our lives. She is one of life's most precious gifts "Our Mother"!

Let's take just a minute to think about without her where would we be? Where would we live? What would we eat? Who would we have to fall back on? Who would we have to tell anything you want to?

From the first time we were put on this earth she was there to take care of us and provide us with everything we needed. No matter how hard it was for her she did it! Most of the time she did it without the help of a husband. She has never gotten to quit doing it either. She has worked long hours and drove a lot of miles to provide for our family. She finished her college education after she raised all her kids.

She will never have the opportunity that most mothers have after their children grow up where she can start doing things for herself. Start having fun! That will never happen for our Mom because she signed up for a lifelong commitment because of the unique situation of her family. Most Mother's children grow up and leave home but Mom's lifelong baby never will. But Mom's dedication and love for that baby is unending!

Mom has done so much for us and when I look back and see how hard I made it sometimes it makes me sad. I never cared how my actions made Mom feel or how I made her worry! I never had the understanding and appreciation that I should have for how hard she has worked for us to provide us with a good home. I just cared about myself and that was all that mattered.

Mom never gets a good night's sleep because she has Dolores to tend to. She has to worry that Dolores will get up in the middle of the night and maybe fall and get hurt or that she needs some help in the bathroom.

And speaking of Dolores do you know how many people would not have kept her at home and would not have given her the care that Mom has? Mom has done a wonderful job of caring for Dolores and keeping her healthy and a little too fat ☺. But Mom Kudos to you!!

You are one in a million and you deserve a lot more than you are getting.

So today as we reflect back on our lives together with Mom we should feel blessed to have a Mother like ours and we need to give her all the love, respect, dedication, and closeness that we can.

It's time for a New Year's resolution to start giving back to Mom. We need to give her all the support and happiness that we can. We need to stop thinking of ourselves so much and start living for Mom. She has lived for us all this time. We need to start living for Mom.
Just take the time not only to thank Mom for everything she has done for us but to show that we appreciate it with our actions. It's time to start taking care of Mom and to start putting Mom's needs and wishes before ours. We need to do this now before the time we will think "I wish we would have…"

Written for Mom with all the Love and Respect I have!

Love you!
Connie Mitchell

I would like too nominate mary wolf she turns 85 in april a depression baby she saves things rags ,egg cartons , and bread she came from 9 kids where education was tops. Grew up on grandriver an oakmond avenue ,went too saint cecilas her dad was a union man ,my uncles worked at fords, and g.m , in 2000 my dad passed so i came too help her out in florida , my brother was next ,then my sister in 2007 ,,this women is a survivor ,,i say a prayer that mom stays with us but dad will be waiting in that big sky!

Kurt Wolf,

I would like to nominate my mom, Sue Hooper, for the mom of the year award. She is an amazing woman who never stops giving.. even when there's nothing left to give, she finds a way. I have recently gone through a very devastating event in my life and although my pride makes it very hard to ask for help.. I didn't have to. My momma was there supporting and rooting me on all the way. No matter how many bad decisions I make, she supports me and stands behind me.

I remember growing up she worked so much and sometimes more than one job at a time to keep a roof over her 5 childrens heads and food in our mouths. She has been nothing less than astounding! I have so much respect for who she is and the role model she has been to myself and siblings. Even when things were tight, she always made it work. My mom is far beyond a Gift from God and I couldn't even imagine anyone else as my mother. I am so grateful everyday for the wonderful woman I have the honor of calling "Mom".

Christie Watterson

My mom has stayed up countless hours reading and proofreading my papers, helping with math, and any other school work I needed help with. When I went away to college she called at least once a week just to talk. She would get me my favorite pop and give it to me when I was done mowing the grass. When I think of becoming a mom I want to invest in my kids lives just like she did for my sister and me. When our family couldn't pay bills and needed new clothes she only got my sister and me the new clothes and she would go without new clothes. When I got the chicken pox and missed a amazing field trip she planned a whole day to take me on that field trip just her and me.

I Love her

I love my mom and the sacrifice she has made for me.
Carrie Smith

I'd like to nominate my mom, Yvonne Zuverink, as 'Mother of the Year'. All through life she's wanted nothing but the best for me and she never ceases to 'surprise' me throughout life! Her most recent act of love was when she surprised me and flew in from FL (without my/husband's) knowledge for my major back surgery I just had Feb. 4, 2013. We didn't know she was in town until they were prepping me for surgery and she peeked through the curtain just before they took me to surgery. Mom has loved me with all of her heart no matter what I did or how I treated her growing up! I love mom more than life itself!

If I could nominate a grandson - it would be my five year-old grandson that came to spend some time with 'Grandma' April 2, 2013, while still recuperating and shared lunch with me. After lunch, while he was playing, he looks @ me and says, "Grandma, what did they (the doctors) do to your back that you can't play with me like you always do?" I explained the best that I could to this mere five year-old precious little boy that Grandma needed some rods/pins put in her back and they needed to clean out a lot of arthritis and manipulate a lot of nerve damage. He looks @ me and says, "Grandma, can I pray for you right now?"

I know you're not looking for 'Grandson' nominations, but I couldn't help myself and had to share just two (of many) very special people in my life! Thank you for taking the time to consider my nomination!

Pamela (Zuverink) Burmania

I would like to nominate my mother...my whole world. My mother lost my father to cancer 32 years ago and never focused on anything but us kids from day 1. She never dated again after losing my dad, she claimed "when you have had the best who wants to settle for second?" She is such an amazing person, she has never thought of herself first, even while grieving for my father she still stayed focused in us and only us 4 kids!!!

She was on life support just 6 months ago an I could not be more grateful to be able to say she is living a full life again. She has never missed a single event for any of us, including things going on at our schools a well as all of our sporting events now or when we were little. There were even times that my brother and I would be playing at same times but different fields and mom would run between both games to make sure she was there for both of us!

I am a mother myself now and have really learned to appreciate the type of mother I have!!! If I can be half the mother she is I will be happy! There are so many more things I can say about my mother she is beautiful, intelligent, very kind hearted and THE BEST MOTHER A KID COULD ASK FOR!!! And for all of those reasons I would love to nominate her for mother of the year!!


Shelly St. John

> would like to nominate my Daughter Karen Marie Patterson for Mother of the year. She is the mother of six :Josiah, Elizabeth, Keith, Noah, Benjamin, and Madeline. She works as a police dispatcher for the city of Novi. For many years she had to survive an abusive relationship which she finally was able to free herself (and her children) from.

>he has been a full time Mother and full time dispatcher for over ten years. Her children are active in the Drama Departments, music departments and science departments in the respective schools. Just last year she finally met a wonderful man and married him. She made it through Hell but her children are all energenic, happy and involved kids who occasionally give credit to their mom (you know how that is).

hristine Ingles

I would like to nominate my daughter-in-law Danielle Chapman. She has three children and works full-time and is such a loving and giving mother to her children. She is so kind and loving with her children and makes sure they are always dressed so cute and are clean and bathed. She does not have her own family around to help her at all, so what help she does get is few and far between to take care of all the needs of her three young children. She has an 8 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. They are all really well-behaved children and have respect for adults and listen to both of their parents because of the time Danielle has spent with them to make sure they've learned that important message. Her oldest child learned to read by age 3 and I attribute that to the fact that Danielle spent so much time reading to her child. All three children are very smart because both parents take the time to work with them, but especially Danielle takes time with them each day.

She has very hectic life with talking care of most of the needs of her three children with working, cooking, laundry, and cleaning. And because she works full-time outside the home too, she never gets any "me" time to relax, yet she never complains or gets annoyed with that fact. Since her life is centered around being such a great Mom, I know Danielle would be extremely honored to be chosen as your "Mom of the Year" to help to validate the wonderful Mom she is!

With regards,

Donna Bardocz

It gives me joy to nominate my sister-in-law, Mary Smith for Better Made Snacks Mother of the Year 2013. She is a very good Mother to a boy now attending college and a wife who still cooks for her family. Mary was deaf when she graduated college in Delhi, New York. While pregnant and working full time for the federal government she started to go blind. Mary worked as long as possible and then became disabled. She is blind now and deaf. As this disease progressed in her life she maintained a positive and healthy attitude toward keeping a meaningful life with people, family, friends and animals. She has also had many animals in her loving care. Mary's memory for details in her experiences has always been very passionate and keen.

When Mary could see she frequently occupied her time doing artwork, like drawing, stained glass, painting on various objects, photograph, cooking, and creating. During this period she won numerous local awards for her pies. It is her strength that I have always admired. No matter what the task, even until this day she puts her best foot forward and gets the job done. She has been active in her community by cooking meals for children and families. As time passed Mary was always involved in some kind of creative endeavor that helped others have a better life. Once she created a logo for an organization and gave up the rights to that organization so they could print it on their t-shirts.

Mary recently decided to have close friends gather at her home in order to teach them signing, to the best of her capabilities, so she may continue to enjoy a life with her family. The community and close friends that are willing to learn how to sign will do so in her hands when she wants to converse with them. I wish this coming together of friends, who enjoy game night with Mary, her husband, David and son Eric will somehow open new and exciting doors for her.

My wish is that Mary be recognized as a strong and vibrant member of the community for her constant ability to forge thru to the next challenge she is given keeping her life productive and meaningful. Mary's attributes include being an inspiration and guiding light to her son and family, she has provided fun and creativity to neighborhood children and has served children in the community with her creativity and cooking, this why I believe Mary deserves to be Mother of the Year 2013. I would like to wish Mary many blessings and continued joy and happiness to her faithful and supportive husband and son.
Submitting Mary Smith as a nominee,

Thank You
Catherine Smith

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